I am prepared to be lead…..

As the new week starts I am in a hotel with the warm sun shining brightly in the window. I know however outside it is cold and the wind chill is sharp. The clouds are scattered,  low and grey. I don’t know if that means snow or anything at all but I am prepared. Layered with a sweatshirt, a heavy coat and thick sox I will be fine.

The last few days I have been with a group of KOZ brothers. Men of a like mind. They shared stories of the boys they have been mentoring. The victories, the realizations God has shown them on how to handle the time with the boys, the important things and not so important things.

“We so over prepared for the first meeting,” explained Rick McGee from Hyland Heights Baptist. “The way we do it today and the way we did it the first time out is so different. The most important thing for the boys is just time with us, the men. Yes activities are important, but it’s mostly the time with the HTL’s.”

I hear this so often from the HTL’s. The most incredible moments are when the Holy Spirit just speaks. The simple, basic things, just allowing God to work. It trumps the coolest gear, the best weather and almost everything you can do as a cool KOZ leader. Go figure.

Yes we have to be prepared. Yes we have to be smart and yes we have responsibility. But know that if, in everything, we are truly engaged, that we invite Christ in, it will go well.

You guys are changing lives for eternity. Don’t take it lightly, it matters, a lot.
God speed brothers.

Fathered by God,

TJ Greaney – Founder KOZ

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