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Mama Bear. Letting Go is a Big Deal

First and foremost moms, single moms, we love you. We believe in you. We thank God for you. We know you have the toughest job in the world. We get it and we want to help.

For some single moms you may struggle with letting your boy go on a KOZ outing. You struggle with just dropping them off. You want to stay, watch, and keep an eye on them. You don’t want to let them stay overnight because they “aren’t ready yet.” You don’t want to have them around guns because, pick a reason. We get it, you are mom and are designed to protect your young. A mama bear will absolutely shred anyone or anything that gets between her and her cubs. It is exactly how God made you. The love of a mother is essential in a boy growing up healthy. A mom’s love, voice, touch can sooth the heart, soul, and skinned knee.

Ah but there is truth to becoming overly protective. A boy can be wounded deeply by an overly protective mom. That is fact.

Boys are hard wired to separate from a mom. This information is easily found documented in science and medical journals. They move from mothered to fathered. They seek to know from the dad (or a male role model) “do they have what it takes?” They want to be challenged, explore, learn the ancient path to manhood. They long and need to know what that voice is, the yearning of the masculine soul. Falling from a tree, cutting their finger with a pocket knife, arguing with another boy then overcoming the confrontation. These are the things a man high fives a boy over and encourages him, trains him, to know he can survive. Many moms shudder at these confrontations and engagements of testosterone, but a boy must learn the ways of his God-given heart.