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5 Fall Tips for KOZ Leaders

Well, you would not think it was close to fall here in Smithville, Texas. 100 plus temps still rolling in. Now it is not uncommon to roll into archery season in October and sweat in the tree stand–done that a bunch of times, but fall is coming, and the cool air will follow, at some point, and the sooner the better.

As we go into the fall with our KOZ boys, there are a few things to consider that can make the time with your boys memorable. You want to create moments, events, conversations, and milestones that stay with them and here are a few:

  1. Hold a Hunter’s Safety course. Get each of them qualified to hunt. Even if they don’t get to, this is a life-long lesson and a one-time class they will need if they do get to hunt (and I hope they do). The current administration has cut all funding for hunter’s safety, hunting, shooting sports, and archery in the schools. Really, they did. This makes you, the faith-based outdoor program, the go to option in many places. Make it a public class and introduce KOZ to the community.
  2. Buy them their first hunting licenses. How cool is that. I have done it 100 times and it is so, so good. I even cover the cost, usually just a few dollars, and consider it a blessing, to me. PS, always take a picture of them with it; it can be the beginning of a lifelong passion.
  3. Plan a campout. Cold weather campfires are top on the list when it comes to influencing your boys. Jesus used the campfire to hone his men (John 21). This is a time your men and boys will relax, get comfortable, and share things they don’t usually feel safe to share. This can be huge­–just one night and bam!
  4. Have them pick a scripture/life verse and talk about it. Why they do it, how to find one. What you did to find yours, or you don’t have one? Then do it together. Make memorizing a scripture, just one, a cool thing. Memorize the KOZ Prayer and Pledge too!
  5. Recruit. Challenge the boys to bring a friend. Give prizes to those who participate and bring a friend or friends. School is cranking up, the distractions are amping up; know that there is no better time for KOZ, and if they have a KOZ buddy in their school it would help, a lot!

Don’t forget to deck them out in KOZ gear. Hoodies, T’s, beanies. A KOZ boy feels pride when he is wearing his KOZ gear. KOZ is his. Not his school, his parents, his church, but his. Yes, all those things may apply at some level, but they truly do feel the comradery; it is their posse and today the boys need a good posse of friends. 

So stay cool my friends! Deer season is close and know that you do not ride alone. We are here, at KOZ World Headquarters. It may take a second to hear you with our heads stuck in the refrigerator trying to stay cool, but we will and we care – just let it ring!

God bless, TJ/KOZ

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