Outdoor Adventure Ministry for Boys

STEP 1: What is KOZ?

Kids Outdoor Zone (KOZ) is an outdoor adventure ministry that provides boys with mentors and direction to become Godly adults.

Introduction to KOZ
KOZ Training Teaser
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For Your Pastor

Letter for your pastor

STEP 2: How to get started

Remember, this is not an assignment for the pastor, youth or family pastor, men’s ministry pastor (unless they want it to be!). It is for the men of the church. KOZ provides all the support and tools. We ask your pastor to encourage, love and rally with you and to listen to your stories as you build your KOZ ministry.

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First: Pray. Talk to Jesus about this commitment. Don’t start if you are not hearing Him speak to you and are not willing to commit. You don’t want to start then walk away from the boys you recruit into KOZ. That is worse than not starting at all. You will need a few buddies to help you as well.

Second: Talk with your wife. Pray with her. Let her know how your heart is involved in this. She needs to support you 100% to make this work.


A Typical KOZ HTL training session is timed like this:

Wives Training Session: A nice meal (typically dinner on a Friday night) with the men and their wives. This time is used to inform her about KOZ and how important she is to the success of the ministry. This can also be a time for anyone interested in more information on KOZ as a whole. Approx. 1.5 hrs

KOZ HTL Training: Men begin training, usually Saturday morning. This is a video based training with handbooks that takes approx. 5 hours. Training concludes and men are certified as KOZ Harvest Team Leaders, (HTL’s) in Kids Outdoor Zone. (Certified Outdoor Ministry Leaders).


To register your church the cost is $349 at training. (If your church has a financial need we have grants and gifts available, call.) Each training kit includes ten (10) HTL Training Manuals. You will need one (1) training manual for each guy training. You may order additional training manuals for $20 each. Each man trained will need to complete the manual work at the training. The annual cost for the KOZ curriculum and support is $399 due in January each year after your training.

STEP 3: Register your Training

STEP 4: Training


STEP 5: Register Trained Leaders

Did you do your closing ceremony with your men and hang the dog tags? Did you take your group photo behind your KOZ flag? Be sure to attach the photo at the bottom of the registration form!