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A Note to KOZ Moms

As I was sitting here tonight, watching a small fire burn in the fire pit out back, basking in the success of the day. I talked to my mom over the phone and she was joyful we spent the time talking. I was the first of her kids to call and it felt good to up them all one, we are still brothers and sisters no matter the age. I helped my kids with everything they wanted to do for their mom, my wife. It was easy, she craves the little things like walks, a movie, time together, we did them all. It was also a great day at church. I got to tell so many of those moms how special they are. That too felt wonderful.

But then as I sat there it struck me. The KOZ moms. The moms who pour into the hearts of the little boys we get at the meetings and the camps. The moms who work so hard every day to try and make ends meet, to shuttle their kids, to meet the needs, even sometimes just the basic ones. My heart went out to them, to you, moms. I wanted to tell you something.

We love you. Your boys love you. Your Heavenly Father loves you. So often our boys, the ones without a father, don’t really know how to tell you how important you are to them. They don’t always know what the little things you need are. Many have never seen or been told by another man how to care for your hearts, what’s important to you, how to tell you what you mean to them.

I am not making up excuses for them. But I want you to know that we, their KOZ leaders, mentors, are committed to loving them and pouring into their hearts, training them, teaching those things that they need to know. We love your sons. We care about them.

Ah yes, we are imperfect ourselves, each of us. But one thing we know, one thing we are hungry for deep inside our hearts, to the deepest level, is that our Heavenly Father loves us and we have experienced that love and want to share it with your boys. That love is the thing we seek to teach your boys because when they accept Him, when they experience Him, they begin to learn the things that are truly important. One of the things they learn is just how important you are, how incredible you are, how much you truly do love them.

Thank you for allowing KOZ to come alongside you. Thank you for giving us the gift of your kids.

Know that our Heavenly Father loves you too. He is always there and will never leave you and never forsake you. That the darkest moments are right before the light.

We are praying for you moms. We love you. Your boys love you. Your awesome, cool , beautiful, amazing, incredible and one day, when you stand before Jesus at the gates of Heaven, He will be standing there, open arms, “Come to me my precious daughter, job well done, I love you.


God Bless,

TJ Greaney and KOZ

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