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Outdoor Adventure Ministry for Boys

Kids outdoor zone - rescuing the fatherless

Mission Statement: To Train Men in Churches to Mentor Boys Using Outdoor Adventure.

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The Outdoor Ministry for Boys from a Man’s Heart – Often the men who love the outdoors and hear God there don’t know how or where that may fit into their walk with Jesus. The outdoors was where Jesus Himself went to be close to His Father. It is also where He trained His closest men. He mentored them on mountains, lake side, by camp fires, and walking dusty roads. KOZ came from the revelation that boys need Godly mentors, that boys long to know the ancient arts of the outdoors and the path to healthy manhood. They found meaning and purpose. They came alive. This book offers the elements of how and why KOZ works. Why men and boys grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other.

Looking for The newest Men's bible study to do with a group or solo?

Click HERE to order your copy of the all new Basecamp: A 7-Week Bible Study for Men Seeking his Will for Them by TJ Greaney & Pastor Joe Don Mayes. Men struggle today with so many things in our world today. They isolate, minimize the need for other men and Jesus in their lives. Many men don’t know how to love their wives well, train their kids, lead their families. They long for it in their hearts but struggle to and the trail that leads to the summit. This Bible study is a simple study by two friends. Two guys who long to hear Jesus speak, teach them how to do this life the best they can. In the end, in every man’s heart he has the same question, “Did I live well? Did I love well? Did I honor Jesus and all He gave me?” Take a few weeks, ride this trail with TJ and Joe Don and see if God doesn’t help you find some trail markers that you long for.


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