Year 13 Book by TJ Greaney -Pre-Order Now!

Year 13 Book by TJ Greaney -Pre-Order Now!


Year 13 book by TJ Greaney



Year 13 –Book by TJ Greaney -founder of Kids Outdoor Zone-Pre Order Now!!

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TJ Greaney was raised in Houston, Texas. In the early years, life seemed ideal for a young boy. The neighborhood bayous, woods, tall grass, and trees held endless adventures. Go carts, BB guns, hammers, and camping seemed more the norm than not. Brokenness crept into his life when his parents divorced when he was 13. His mom moved 1000 miles away and his father disappeared with a bottle of rum. 13-year-old TJ chose living on the streets. Life became a dangerous game. Drugs, jail, and bad decisions pursued him at every turn.

While wandering those streets, God placed a marker in his heart. Eventually TJ was led to a 12-step program where he began a journey out of the dark place he thought would be his legacy. It was then that Christ began to reveal to him how the broken pieces were the exact things He would use for Kingdom work in his life.

“All the hurts and hardships are the training ground,” Greaney explains. “Not every guy is designed to teach a Sunday school class. Men want to do something of significance, to be a part of a battle for Jesus—we just don’t always know how. I pray this book helps men launch into that place in their life.”

TJ is the past President of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association, published a Texas lifestyle magazine for 20 years, and hosts the #1 outdoor radio show in Texas.

TJ Greaney is founder of Kids Outdoor Zone, the fastest growing church ministry for boys. Leaders use hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure as an outreach tool for the fatherless boys and fathers and sons in their community and church.

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