KOZ Events, Camps and Program Speakers

2019 National Events
KOZ offers some events through our KOZ National office.

September 5; Thursday KOZ East Coast Dinner, Thursday night is a special night with a Dinner and Fundraiser. Hear the stories and how KOZ is rescuing the fatherless boys in our community and around the country. Details contact Rick@KidsOutdoorZone.com.


September 7; Saturday KOZ Advanced Training and Outfitter Training. It is a full day of training for KOZ leaders and includes a KOZ wife day for the wives of KOZ leaders. Details contact Rick@KidsOutdoorZone.com.

YOUR KOZ: KOZ groups are found across the US and Canada. Local groups plan monthly events and activities. They many include overnight camping, hunting trips, fishing, hiking and more. Please check with your local KOZ group for their calendar of events and how you can plug your boy into the KOZ Strong life. Click HERE to find a group near you.

KOZ Leadership can also be found speaking at conferences around the US and Canada. We train on staring an outdoor ministry in your church. Our speakers are incredible and can provide your event with a powerful challenge to the men in your church and a rescue mission for the fatherless. To book KOZ leadership (See Below) – or call 512-292-1113.



The KOZ, (Kids Outdoor Zone), offers high caliber speakers for teaching, workshops and keynote around the country. For the last two years it has been a win-win for men’s conferences, Iron Sharpens Iron, Beast Feast, Lifeway Men, Wildfire Weekend, church conferences and more.

Our goals at KOZ are the same, engage and equip men then offer them tools to take home. The stories we hear from the men are of rescue, revival, renewal and joy. In all our conversations with the men’s ministry leaders around the country the comments are the same, “If the men in the church do not step up we lose,” Robert Lewis

Our program includes a table with information on the Kids Outdoor Zone (KOZ) Youth Hunting and Fishing Ministry: Learn more about Americas fastest growing outdoor adventure ministry for boys by men in churches and how easy it is to start one in your church.

Our speakers include:IMG_0848

TJ Greaney, an award winning outdoor journalist, photographer and radio host. His writings have been in top outdoor magazine including Cabela’s and his radio show has been number one on ESPN and NBC Sports radio for years. He also founded and leads Kids Outdoor Zone (KOZ) the fastest growing outdoor ministry in America.

Rick Magee, after 15 years in the timber products industry, rick hogGod called Rick to serve 12 years as Administrative and Men’s Pastor of a large Baptist church in Virginia. Rick is now Chief of Operations and East Coast Director of Kids Outdoor Zone – the fastest growing outdoor ministry in America

Joe Don Mayes, Senior Pastor for 40 years. A West joe donTexas boy with years of pastoring in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas. Preacher, writer, storyteller, devoted husband, father and grandfather. Serves as Pastor and Church Development for Kids Outdoor Zone

Cody Ryan Greaney, now in his mid-30’s has guided some of the IMG_4136most exotic big game animals throughout Texas (over 40 species) and has traveled the United States, Canada and Central America extensively chasing fish from saltwater coast and blue waters offshore to the lakes and rives of America. He now host the #1 Outdoor Radio Show in Texas with his father and competes in Bass Master, FLW Tournaments across the southern US. Married, running a business back home and still able to live out what God created him to do…

Don Discoe, is a deer shooting, flounder donny 2gigging, dove blasting, hog doggin’ bass catchin’ mountain climbing, fly fishing, four wheeling, long-distance motorcycle ridin’, Iron Butt Certified Saddle Sore 1000 Finisher, adrenaline junkie and Texas KOZ Leader. He is a Jesus Freak that doesn’t give in to the anti-gun crowd, PETA terrorist, or the Taliban.

CONTACT: To check availability to bring one of these speakers to your event call 512-292-1113. 

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