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KOZ Mission Statement
KOZ is an Outdoor Adventure Ministry
that provides kids with mentors and direction to become
Godly adults. “No Kid Left Inside”©

What is KOZ?


KOZ was founded around the need of fatherless boys to have men role model to them life as a Godly man and to learn about the outdoors.

We have seen boys of all backgrounds and situations gravitate to KOZ for mentorship, leadership, loving care, and the adventure of the outdoors.

Our objective is to train up men in churches to role model and disciple the boys that are in their church or neighborhoods.

We do this by creating KOZ groups in churches around the country. The HTLs (Harvest Team Leaders) are trained through our mentor program to then hold monthly meetings.

At these meetings the kids are taught outdoor adventure skills with a fearless biblical and moral message. All literature and curriculum is provided.

As the groups bond, the HTLs mentor the kids at other opportunities by planning hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure trips together.

KOZ Training Tease
For Your Pastor

TJ Greaney, Founder of KOZIMG_2608

TJ is an award winning outdoor travel and adventure writer, photographer, radio show host and past President of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association.

He published a Texas lifestyle magazine with his wife Sandra for more than 20 years from their home in Austin, Texas. Country Line Magazine. Countrylinemagazine.com

He is also co-host with his oldest son, professional bass angler Cody Ryan, of the #1 outdoor adventure radio show, The Outdoor Zone. Theoutdoorzone.com

TJ’s daughter graduated from Texas A&M as an Ag teacher, his youngest son Jon-Michael is working on his Photography education.

If you ask TJ his passions he would tell you. Jesus Christ, his family including dear friends, the ministry of KOZ, writing, coffee and the cool air of the mountains. He is involved daily working with KOZ leaders, creating materials, fundraising and mentoring.

TJ is available to talk by calling his office and right hand assistant Jan, 512-292-1113.

Rick Mageerick family
COO and East Coast Director KOZ

Rick is an outdoorsman by heart. Raised in Mississippi, Alabama and now living in Lynchburg, Virginia, Rick knows the outdoors. From the timber industry to ministry he came to KOZ after years as the Executive Pastor at Hyland Heights Baptist church in Lynchburg.

Married to an amazing lady, Martha and dad to three boys Rick enjoys Jesus, family, a good tree stand in the fall and a farm pond or lake just about any time of year. Contact him at rick@kidsoutdoorzone.com

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