The Pony Express, Lewis and Clark Kinda Founded KOZ

In the book A Road Less Travelled the opening line is “Life is Hard.” Yep, it can be. I have had so many ups and downs. Seems they can be daily at times. Just operating in this angry, confused world where Satan has pitted so many against each other can be hard. 

We as Christian men have always been called to stand out, stand up. Really it is the heart of a man. The Pony Express was only in operation 18 months, but in that time carved out a legacy that will never be forgotten. 

They had strict rules for riders, and they had to swear to an oath: 

I, , do hereby swear, before the Great and Living God, that during my engagement, and while I am an employee of Russell, Majors, and Waddell, I will, under no circumstances, use profane language, that I will drink no intoxicating liquors, that I will not quarrel or fight with any other employee of the firm, and that in every respect I will conduct myself honestly, be faithful to my duties, and so direct all my acts as to win the confidence of my employers, so help me God.”

The story goes that they had trouble at first to get riders to join. Until they placed an ad that read: Wanted: Young, skinny, wiry fellows, not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages $25 a week. Now this ad is legend and some say fiction, but just reading it today makes my heart flutter. I want to go put on a bandana and buy a horse.

Lewis and Clark had an epic historic adventure. When Lewis asked Clark to partner with him, he sent a letter that asked him to “participate with me in the expedition’s fatigues, its dangers, and its honors.” Clark responded back, “I will cheerfully join you and partake of the dangers, difficulties, and fatigues, and I anticipate the honor and rewards.” 

As men we long to step into an “Adventure of mighty consequence.” But sadly, often after we hear about a ministry or program that excites us deep inside, we let the desire drift into apathy and back into our placid day to day, all is okay life. It happens to men all the time. Satan knows whose heart to kill to take out the family and next generation.

If you have considered KOZ before–maybe we met at a conference or you found us online–what did your heart feel that day? Today more than ever our boys need men to share with them the truth. They need to know right, wrong, good, and bad. They need to know they matter, they are loved, that they have value. You won’t have to risk your life daily. No need to be young, skinny, and wiry. Ah but you do need to “cheerfully join KOZ and partake of the dangers, difficulties, and fatigues.”  And “anticipate the honor and rewards” from the boys, their families, and Jesus. Amen.

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