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ENGAGING The seasoned, the mid-life warriors, young dads, and the boys who need them desperately. 

As I sit on the plane headed back in time zones from West to Central, I am just realizing the sore spots. My right big toenail, I hope I don’t lose it, I have before. My left shoulder, my upper back. Pretty common. I am a bit tired but the overwhelming joy of the accomplishment is humbling, emotional and powerful. The best part, Jesus was all in it. 

Not long ago I was visiting a KOZ (Kids Outdoor Zone) group and Jesus gave me this amazing revelation. The older guys that were helping with the KOZ, the guys in their 60’s and even 70’s were a powerful influence that morning. The young boys looked at them for all kinds of questions. The men there, 20-50 seemed relieved in some way they had the seasoned men among the group. 

My friend Robert Lewis, author of Modern Day Knight, Men’s Fraternity, told me as he launched his newest men’s bible study and charged older men with brining 3 younger guys with them each week to sit at their table. Not boys, younger men, 30-40-50, and statistically the younger guys showed up in very high numbers, not wanting to miss or disappoint their host. Apparently, the younger guys longed to sit under the teaching and in fellowship of the older fellows. 

That is when it hit me, just how powerful this program of KOZ can be. Think of it. You engage the seasoned senior level men of the church, a place their experience, strength and hope are truly valued and used. You offer the men of the church more than a chore. They need a place their hearts will come alive in ministry, so you provide it. Add the fatherless boys of your community, the ones dying for someone to tell them they matter. Fatherlessness is crushing the hearts of our boy’s. If the men of the church don’t offer them direction, instruction, hope, then it is left to the world. Satan loves that idea.

The video KOZ produced last year speaks to this exact topic. We are offering this video for your use to recruit men to the mission of the fatherless and father/son at your church. We have seen the program of KOZ change whole communities when one small church committed to one Saturday morning a month. 


My youngest son and I have been on a quest to climb the tallest peak in each state. It’s a long story that you would have to buy me a cup of coffee to hear. But we just finished yesterday Boundary Peak in Nevada. It was an amazing hike, lots of hard elements. It was 8.75 hours hiking up 13,000 plus feet over 12 miles. That is 7 of the tallest peaks in America. At 62 I have a lot of pride and joy that comes from the gift of one more peak.

The mountain tops for a man come in many shapes, sizes and tasks. KOZ may be one for you, a group of men in your church. Don’t wait, don’t leave your seasoned men sitting in a swing on the porch. The charge of the Christian by Jesus Himself was to rescue the fatherless. He used the outdoors and a campfire to teach and train his closest friends and allies (John 21). 

Your church can do this, we can help.

Kindest regards,  TJ Greaney/KOZ Founder

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