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Mens Ministry Tools Approved for The Heart

Robert Lewis, John Eldredge, NCMM; You need materials that do not point to religion but a mans heart if you want to draw him in.

So that can be a strong comment if taken the wrong way. “What, are you talking bad about my church?” “This is one of those Eldredge guys who thinks church is no good.” No, actually I love my church. I think men should lead their families and churches. I think too many men are not leading well. What I do know though, a fact, men don’t come alive sitting in a classroom at 6:30 in the morning. Do they hear a good word, usually, can it change them, yes. But if you give a man his heart, if he meets the Holy Spirit he will change in a big way. Powerful things happen when a man find his heart.

Of course we want men to consider the KOZ program as one of the places they pick up the reins to  ride into the fight. But we also have some great friends of KOZ who are offering some excellent materials now, FREE – Robert Lewis & John Eldredge have some new Mens Ministry Material

Robert Lewis and Russel Rainey offer A FREE video series: Adventures for Life:  CLICK HERE

John Eldredge: The Basic Boot Camp Materials are now available: FREE CLICK HERE

And thirdly to connect with the National Coalition of Ministries to Men and find all types of materials and programs, send your men to the annual conference or join as a mens ministry FREE CLICK HERE 

Don’t neglect the most powerful tool in your tool box at church, the men.

God Bless,

TJ Greaney
Founder, KOZ

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