Fatherless Day 2018

The Fields of the Fatherless are a tender place today, Father’s Day. Half of the kids in our world, our church, the school, the grocery store, on your block are without a father today. No dad to guide them when the storms of their young lives roll over them. No dad to answer the questions only a father can answer.

You, the men of KOZ teach the boys to stand firm when things are tough. You teach them to do hard things. You listen to them when they need to speak, when they need to be heard. You put your arm around them when they need to know someone is there. You encourage them when they are trying new things or struggle with disappointment.

You are the ones who give them hope. You are the one who is mentoring them by who you are. Brothers you are the ones who are teaching them that father is not a cruel word. Teaching them that a loving, caring, listening Heavenly Father is the true father. The hurts that come from an abandoned heart begin to heal because you give them hope in the word Father by who you are for them and the relationship with Jesus you model.

James, 1:27, Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being. This is who you are, what you are to the boys of KOZ. Jesus so desperately loves the children. He talked to us about their tender hearts and told us to care for them, especially the fatherless. You are my hero’s. I see your posts on Facebook, your text and emails and I am humbled by your love for the boys. You are true change makers. You are the fathers to the fatherless. It matters, you matter.


TJ Greaney
Founder, KOZ

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