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The Gun, The Heart of a Boy and KOZ

The twins were considered challenged. Their mental capabilities were being managed by doctors and special teachers at school. Their father negated his responsibilities and even fanned the flames with his behavior towards them and their hearts. The idea that they needed outdoor activities, other boys and good men around them became a quest for their mom. Insert KOZ here.

As I travel the US and Canada meeting men in churches and conferences I find a common thread. For many there is a wound that has held a piece of their heart and spirit for years. The most common from a father or lack of. It is everywhere. I would say that every man has something they have had to or need to deal with. The beautiful thing is that many of them, most of the ones I meet, realize it. They are on a mission to find those wounds, agreements, broken pieces and heal them. They are looking for Jesus in a big way and know He is the truth, the light and the way.

The boys today are being pounded by a whole new set of brokenness. They are navigating without a father, good or bad, life as a growing boy. Their questions, “Who am I, do I matter, what about girls, what about sex, what about money, commitment, faith, work, loneliness?” The questions are not new but this is more. The boys today are being raised in a culture that lacks a moral compass and the messages are pounding them every second. They hold the fire in their hands, society is burning lies and confusion into their minds. It is so much more focused than anything we could have imagined in our days.

A lost and broken boy without a life map can be a dangerous boy. The military chooses young men as their warriors for a reason. Today’s music, videos and angry confused broken people are filling our boys heads with lies from satan himself.

We have the distinct opportunity in KOZ to speak into their lives with truth and love. We can answer questions that can absolutely redirect some of the boys. We know the questions because many of us have had them. Our broken past and hurts are why Jesus picked us for a time as this, the KOZ ministry.

The twins were a challenge for the KOZ leaders. The leaders questioned whether they could manage them and if it would take away from the other boys. But they chose yes, we will. The months and years went by and today the twins have seen what a real man looks like. A man who loves Jesus, loves adventure, loves them. Their mom tells of the transformation the boys have had since they came to KOZ. Like so many moms desperate for their boys to find male role models she cries as she tells the story.

Mark 9:37 “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.”

How many can we get too? We have the platform, the voice and Jesus. Let’s ride men. Regulators, Mount up.

Watch TJ’s video on this subject HERE.

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