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The Best Gift for a Boy


What can you give a boy that will speak directly to his heart? A new video game? Underwear and socks? Probably not. Christmas can be an amazing time to fertilize the heart, mind and soul of a boy, especially ones living in hard places. Use this idea to talk to the boys in your KOZ group or home. This may give you a chance to share a story, scripture, the heart of our Heavenly Father. There will be some of your boys who do not celebrate well this time of year. The pain of a dad not in the picture or the up-tick of hectic holiday life does not lend itself to a peaceful, joyful season. You can be an island in a rough sea and a joy bomb for them this Christmas.

Over the years we have found one specific inexpensive gift for boys that you can use at Christmas (or anytime really) to tell them a story and mentor their hearts.

A flashlight. I like the old fashioned round ones with D cell batteries. Make sure it has batteries and is ready to go. This classic lighting gear can be found for 3-4 bucks if you shop it. The story line tells how the greatest adventurers rely on a good flashlight. In the darkest places a flashlight can help you find your way. Like knowing Jesus and talking with him when things are hard. Relief from darkness. John 8:12, When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Do your boys know Romans 10:9, do they know John 3:16. Share it with them.

If you have a KOZ group now and have your boys meeting this month, your KOZ adventure is Giving Back. What a great time to share with them how important they are and how Christmas can be a time with toys and gifts and gadgets. No school, maybe some snow and goofing off with friends are all great fun. But remind them what it truly means, what it truly is about. God gifted us with His Son. He is the Real Gift at Christmas.

If you have been considering a KOZ group, we are scheduling trainings for 2018 now. We have a new video training series we are testing and you might be eligible for a free training if you book January – March 2018.

Use Amazon Smile and add Kids Outdoor Zone Inc as your non-profit and a portion of everything you buy goes directly to training men and teaching boys.

Merry, merry Christmas brothers,

TJ Greaney
Founder, KOZ




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