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How Deer Hunting Can Keep Us Away From Jesus

Today I felt the cool air coming from the north, deer season is close. Some guys have already been out, different states and different times. Elk, deer, birds, ducks, it doesn’t matter much, it’s hunting season and for many of us we are captured.

How can something so good for you, something that brings you really close to God ever be bad? How can anything that bonds men together, empowers a man to be strong, endure, look at himself be something harmful? Men need to step up, step into adventure, feed their inner Braveheart, right?

Yes and no. Yes we have to have an adventure, a challenge. To chase an elk, ambush a greenhead or fling an arrow at a buck can give you that thing a man needs in his heart. Jesus calls us to be true men and this can help us encounter ourselves. We know that this guy in us, the one who hears from Jesus in the woods or on the lake can bring us closer to Christ, tenderize our hearts for our wives and kids. We can share those adventures with our kids, fatherless kids and even our wives. It could be life changing for them too. But Satan does not forget about you in the fall.

If you buy gear when your family needs other things, Satan wins. When you spend time in the blind and miss you kids games or date night with your wife, Satan wins. There is a balance here and I have seen too many men lose their family to the excuse of the hunt. Money squandered, a selfish attitude of “I need this, I deserve this.” Brothers do not let the good be your bad.

Satan did not lure Adam and Eve to eat an ugly, bruised, stinky piece of fruit. He used a beautiful, shiny fragrant piece to draw them in. It was not an ole Mule that drew David’s eye to the other roof top and draw him away from Jesus.

This deer/duck/fishing season don’t let Satan take what Jesus has given you for your heart, a buck, an elk, a banded duck, and allow it to become a thorn. It may be hard, you might have to pass up an outing or a piece of gear you just absolutely think you need.

Your time will circle back around. Your kids will eventually be gone, your relationship with your wife needs to be strong and debt is the anchor of Satan. Stand true, love your family and make good choices. In the long run, when your earthly hunt is over and you head to the big deer camp in the sky, you want them to know you loved them, cared for them, gave it all for them. It matters.

God bless,

TJ Greaney

Founder, KOZ

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