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KOZ Man Cave, Tears and Jesus

Men of Impact and Desire,

Brothers, I am sitting in my office on the verge of tears. Now mind you this is a manly office with deer mounts, guns, knives and arrows all about. My desk is a large roll top style wooden desk with stacks of papers to be deal with and a spit can. Maps of mountains I want to climb are on the walls as well and books on men’s ministry stacked to read.

I have two chairs in here. One is the desk chair I use to work there and the other is for my reading. My reading chair came from a garage sale. Next to it I have a small table, lamp and a foot stool. It’s all old style and noting fancy, but it is where I try my best to read the bible and listen for Jesus when I am home.

This morning as I sat here I text a friend I met with yesterday and I told him how much it meant to me. He is about 10 years older than I am and I consider him one of my closest mentors and confidants. He replied back to me this short text.

“Love you too my brother. Your Heavenly Father is proud of you. And I am sure if your earthly father was around he would be just as proud.”

That is what has me here on the edge of emotion. Brothers, every man needs three guys in their life. An older mentor to speak into our lives, a friend our age we can do life with and a younger man or boy we can mentor.

There are boys out there right now who have no one. No man who cares one bit about them or their lives. You can impact the life of a boy, boys by doing KOZ. Yes you have to give up a half a Saturday a month, yes you have to fit it in but brothers you will experience the heart of Jesus like you have rarely ever experienced.

Tell a boy he matters, hug him, teach him too shoot, fish, hike. Tell him that his Heavenly Father will never leave him, never forsake him, ever. Your legacy in his life will be forever.

We are training men all over the country, set your training date now.

There are boys waiting for you to tell them ““Love you little buddy. Your Heavenly Father is proud of you, I am proud of you and I am sure if your earthly father was around he would be just as proud.”


TJ Greaney
Founder, KOZ

Are you board with church and the regular mens meetings and lesson plans? But you know your heart and relationship with Jesus is calling into something…

Brothers, step into the battle with the other KOZ leaders. Just one half Saturday a month –

KOZ TRAININGS AROUND U.S. : We are booking KOZ trainings for 2016, do you want more info starting a KOZ in your church? Lets talk. 512-292-1113

CLICK HERE and fill out the info form at the bottom.

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