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Fox News Makes Me So Mad


I sat in awe from the beginning to the end that day in the theatre. The film was one of the most powerful and well done I had ever experienced. I had clearly defined moments of excitement, frustration, anger and sorrow. I was moved by Saving Private Ryan in a way I am seldom moved.

My emotions did not stop at the credit roll this time. I left the theatre mad. I was not mad at the Germans or one of the characters in the movie, I was mad at the people in America who don’t understand what happened before they came along. What was done to make this country what it is for them today. I really had to be careful with my emotions.

Fox news is of course a Right leaning network and the one I choose to watch. However over the last few years it has really fed that emotion I had back that day after watching Saving Private Ryan. I see people, mostly young, stomping on the flag, tearing cities up and screaming foul language against police and military. It is at a point where I think it best I stay away for a while, my Facebook too maybe.

I have a nephew who is a cop and military. Jason is a stud. He works hard, has a great wife and three daughters and he was not given a thing, he earned it. I respect him. I had to quit school, had no dad most of my life, never got anything free. Like so many others I work hard, give, try to be the best man I can be in the eyes of Jesus, my wife, kids, friends. This is who you guys are.

Brothers, two things as we go into Memorial Day. Tell a soldier, first responder, thanks. Thanks for standing in the gap and giving you the gift America is. It is because a soldier went to war you have the freedom you have, many died, many wounded, many suffer long after, even today for us, thank them.

Secondly know that so many of these young people are lost and wounded. I don’t condone their behavior, I say smack the heck out of them if they are acting a fool. But know that most have no men teaching them anything. They are not taught the true story of sacrifice, they have minimal guidance in respect and authority. It is a train wreck and we can’t let it take us out.

Many of you are KOZ leaders. You are earning the authority to teach the boys in your charge honor, dignity and respect. You have the ability to make a difference in a small band of boys you are trusted with. Do That. Pour into them, make it matter.

At the end of Saving Private Ryan, Ryan is standing at the grave of the character Tom Hanks played, he tells his headstone he hopes he earned the gift Hank’s and the other men who rescued him gave, their lives. Then he turns to his wife and asks, “Tell me I am a good man.” That men is the heart of everyman, every boy. Validation he matters, mattered, did well.

Mathew 25:23, His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

Stand Firm men, You guys matter.

TJ Greaney / Founder KOZ

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