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Long Hard Ride, Mount Up

Men of KOZ,

Here we go. The last year has been a whirlwind of good, bad, ups and downs at our home. Loss of loved family members and pets, close family time and incredible moments of joy and laughter. Life on life’s terms living for Jesus and hearing His voice, feeling His compassion and love, a deeper understanding of how He wants us to live.

In the book A Road Less Travelled the author starts out with, “life is hard.” I agree the life we have chosen, a life living for Jesus can be hard. When we choose to stand in the gap as men for Christ we chose to do something that on many days can be really, really inconvenient, dirty, tiring, difficult. I love the ole cowboy saying, “If you climb into the saddle, be ready to ride.” A true man is the one who gets up to check the noise outside, takes a second job to care for his family, digs into his walk with Jesus, stands up in the pew when the singing starts and teaches his kids about love for Jesus, a wife and family by doing it.

Many of you men have trained as leaders in KOZ and know the fight for the boys of our communities and church is real. Many of you have been there when the Holy Spirit showed up around a campfire, on a walk or other time with a boy. Simply amazing. But some of you may also feel defeated or that maybe you failed your boys, got off the trail, dropped the reins and that horse got away. Satan will use all those pieces to keep you from rescuing even one boy. He hates you. He wants you to believe you failed and cannot move forward. Lies brothers, lies.

Men, this year is going to be good, we have to work for it, but it will be. 1 Corinthians 16:13, Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. We can do this. Not only are we called to do it as Christian men but we know we need to. We need a herd to wrangle, trail to ride, a bigger story in our lives with God, family and the boys. I am proud to ride with you men, you are brothers. Rest today, prepare, for the trail ahead in 2016. It all starts soon and we need to be all in.

Regulators, Mount up,

TJ Greaney
Founder, KOZ

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