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Wildfire: An Army of Ten Thousand, an Army of One

The Wildfire Weekend just finished up in Lynchburg, Virginia. This morning is quiet and I don’t have to rally to the cause. I don’t need to make sure I have the right digital gear, the copies, the banners, and good thick socks. Last night I took a couple-three Motrin and slept well. This week was long.

The men who came to WF were not let down. The flow of the event was just the right amount of sit- and move-time. The speaker lineup was, of course, a big part of what makes the program work. Dr. Tim Clinton started the conference off with a bang, laying out the need for the men to participate in the lives of their families and others, especially orphans, widows, and the fatherless. Friday night, Drew Brees’ testimony was powerful on how he drew from his faith in hard times, was seeking God’s voice. He is a good guy.

Saturday morning Paul Tuetul, Jr. was over the chain; I had no idea where he stood in his faith and it was a testimony I was not expecting, but to the core good solid stuff. Saturday afternoon Max Lucado was wonderful, unsurprisingly. And then came the closer, a big part of why these conferences work, a member of the the family who is on almost every hat and t-shirt in the arena – a member of Duck Dynasty. This year it was Jase Robertson. Jase is a flat out, no apologies requested, Bible-toting great speaker who shares a strong man’s version of loving the Lord and doing it with conviction.

The men who came to the workshops were typical  of the guys we met walking around the arena each day. They were thinking, feeling and convicted, “What can I do?” and, “What am I equipped for?” Some found their challenge in sports workshops, some in hunting and fishing classes. The KOZ breakout sessions where powerful and after each class we went one-on-one with the men. So many looking for something they can do for the kingdom.. So many fighting the lie that they are not worthy, that they are not able too, that it is too late, too much, too hard.

The clincher for KOZ was the HTL’s (KOZ leaders), there, who are doing KOZ in their churches and the stories they told. They shared how easy it was and how the fear melted away after the first meeting. The feeling they had after their Saturdays with the boys, a full cup. The victories, salvations, and testimonies. A plentiful harvest.

The legacy of Wildfire is growing exponentially through the program of KOZ. Over 200 men requested that we follow up with them on starting a KOZ group in their own church. I have been blessed to spend time on the front lines with the fatherless, and been blessed to spend time training men to fight the battle for the boys across America; there is a common thread. The heart. The boys are searching to fill an emptiness. They need male role models, to experience adventure, and they need the training to be a man.

And the men, ah yes the men, they have the same needs as the boys. They are seeking to fill those places left open. For many it is also a desire for legacy and meaning. Men want to matter, they want to live their lives in a way that makes a difference at home, at work, in the world.

The Wildfire conferences are a place where men are challenged, encouraged, called up to the front lines. My favorite part of the movie Courageous is when the men of the church are being called out, “Where are you, men of courage?” and as the men stand in the church I am always drawn to tears… not unlike my experience at the Wildfire events. I see 10,000 men stand, raise their hands, praise the King, ask themselves hard questions and ultimately go home changed, refreshed, filled. It only takes one to lead an army. Where are you in your desire to be courageous?

Joshua 1:7 “Long ago I promised the ancestors of Israel that I would give this land to their descendants. So be strong and brave! Be careful to do everything my servant Moses taught you. Never stop reading the Book of the Law he gave you. Day and night you must think about what it says. If you obey it completely, you and Israel will be able to take this land.”

Wildfire Events have begun, come see us.

We are booking trainings from Virginia to Florida and would love to have you men as part of the adventure. It’s free, call Jan at 512-292-1113 or call me to talk 512-789-3838.

Godspeed brothers,

TJ Greaney
Founder, Kids Outdoor Zone

“Mount up” Kids Outdoor Zone is a youth outdoor adventure ministry open to any church that wants to reach the hearts of the men and boys in their community and church.

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