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Deer Blind Margin


It is imperative we find margin in our lives. Margin is time to be with God, family, church and not just our job or passions.

Take hunting season for example. How often are we leaving our families and spending time in the woods? Not that that is not crucial for many of us but there is a priority that God blesses and it has to be in order. He is a God of order and in that order we find peace, blessings, His will in our lives. Yes our hearts yearn to care for the kids we are charged with, the hurt, wounded, precious little boys. But we have nothing to offer if we are not walking the walk, acting as a living example to them. Being a Godly man requires “Doing Hard Things”.

The evil one has a target on your back. He will attempt to take you out in any area you let your guard down. Porn, isolation, drugs, hunting, fishing, work. Don’t be fooled by this ploy. But know this, you know your King has already placed victory in your hands, both of them, together, in prayer.

We have to be intentional in pursuing Him, and the KOZ Kids!

God bless,
TJ Greaney
Founder KOZ

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