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She Said Yes – HTL’s Note

She said yes. In a moment of disbelief, terror, confusion, fear, she said yes.

While emptying out a bookshelf I have filled with random books I have read, ones I want to read and ones I will never read, I found one that I must have had for years, but never gave a second thought once it was shelved.

The story is about two high school boys in Littleton, Colorado who broke. Satan and his minions took them and used them for one of the most evil events in modern-day history. The act itself could only be of Satan and the details that came out after the event, the sounds they made, the words they used could only be of him.

I have known people who have been taken by Satan. I have seen him at work on people right in front of me. I know I fall for his tricks and lies myself way too often.

Our objective is to share with the boys we are charged with that there is a loving Father who, no matter what, is there. We are the ones who show up, who listen to, who know how their hearts are operating in a fast-paced and deviant world. We can be there to teach them the difference between darkness and light, good and evil, love and something else.

Cassie Bernall was one of the Columbine High school students taken on that fateful day in Colorado not so long ago. One of the shooters put a gun to her head and ended her time here on Earth. As he stood there with the gun touching her forehead, he asked her, “Do you believe in God?” She said, “yes.” He pulled the trigger.

What many do not know is that just a few years before she was living a double life, dabbling in black spirit encounters and conversing about satanic ideas, rejecting everything good. Her parents could only pray. But in a moment, one orchestrated by a perfect God, at a church camp she reluctantly attended, it all changed. She found what she was seeking, she gave her life to Christ. From there the darkness began to lift and at the moment she was asked if she did, she could say “yes”.

As you meet with your boys be intentional, be real. We are in this for the big stuff guys, the eternal payoff for the kids. If someone asked you if you believed in God, life or death, would you say yes. Would your KOZ boys know to say yes? Would they understand that? Have they said yes?

Love them men, love them dearly. It matters, you matter.

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